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Why Your Plantation Shutters Are Sagging and How to Repair Them

Plantation shutters are a fantastic addition to your home. These window treatments are desired for their lasting style and unsurpassed energy efficiency. But it’s important your plantation shutters are made with premium materials and skilled craftsmanship. If they aren’t, their louvers can dethatch or begin sagging.

Sagging or loose plantation shutters diminish your residence’s beauty and are frustrating to adjust. There are many reasons that could explain why your shutters are sagging. We’ll go over them as well as the steps you can take to repair them.

3 Reasons Why Your Plantation Shutters Are Sagging

1. Low Quality

The best shutters, including styles from Louver Shop of Louisiana, are built from furniture-grade American hardwoods or solid polymer. Poor-quality shutters are made from cheap MDF or hollow vinyl, so it’s essential to research the materials when purchasing plantation shutters.

Wood plantation shutters are the most common and are suitable for spaces that don’t get a lot of humidity or moisture. They usually last longer and are lighter, making them an excellent style for wide windows.

If you want plantation shutters for a sunroom or bathroom, faux wood plantation shutters are a great compromise. High-quality models are very energy efficient and should withstand sunlight and moisture without sagging or becoming misshapen. Shutters that are created from solid polymers can rival the durability and longevity of hardwood.

When deciding on window treatments, remember to ask about their construction and features, including if they don’t need much maintenance. At Louver Shop of Louisiana, our shutters are handcrafted with high-end materials and designed to never need adjusting.

2. Everyday Use

Plantation shutters provide outstanding control over the amount of light, privacy and air circulation in your residence. As time goes by, regular use might result in your shutters sagging or loosening. You can remedy this by turning the tension adjustment screws, but some budget shutters might not have them.

Because plantation shutters are a true investment in your home, you’ll want to select ones that include a strong warranty. Our Louver Shop of Louisiana shutters come with one of the best lifetime limited warranties in the industry. They’re guaranteed against drooping, crackling, peeling and many other frequent malfunctions.

3. Temperature Variations

If you have cheaper wood plantation shutters and have sizeable temperature fluctuations, your shutters can warp over time. This is because temperature changes can cause the wood to contract in size.

At Louver Shop of Louisiana, our wood plantation shutters are guaranteed against warping. By holding their shape, you’ll receive the perks of stylish design and low-maintenance functionality for many years.

How to Fix Sagging or Loose Plantation Shutters

Fixing sagging or loose plantation shutters is easy but can require a lot of time. Premium shutters include tension adjustment screws that allow you to loosen or tighten your louvers. Other designs have springs within the shutter panel. While these might resist some sagging, you’ll have to replace the complete panel if the spring wears out.

Tension adjustment screws are found on the inside edge of plantation shutter panels. If there are individual sections, there are often both top and bottom screws. You’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver and the louvers must stay stationary. Otherwise, moving the screw will only close the louvers. You can hold them with a clamp or your free hand.

While this could only require a few minutes, the process can eat up your free time if you have shutters all over your house.

We’ve Specialized in Plantation Shutters for More Than 50 Years

We began establishing Louver Shop of Louisiana on plantation shutters more than 50 years ago. Today, they are still manufactured in our plant in Gainesville, Georgia. We think that attractive homes begin with shutters created in the USA from the highest-quality materials.

As all our shutters are custom made, you’ll be able to choose the color, louver size and more. Unique or tall windows aren’t difficult for us, since we’ve never found a window that we couldn’t cover.

Our process starts with a no-pressure free consultation. You’ll be able to experience samples up close from the comfort of your home and receive expert advice from your local Louver Shop of Louisiana design specialist. With our Complete Comfort Pricing™ quote, you’ll know just how much your new shutters will be.

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